Monday, January 6, 2014

Drive in Tokyo.

 About 3 days ago I went driving with my bf,sister and mom all the way to the Tokyo area from Chiba where I live.  It's been beautiful out since 2014 has begun and the weather was great that day as well. We left home around 4PM when it was about to start getting dark out. We took the main highway where we could see Tokyo Disney Land/Sea, Fuji TV station, a huge Ferris wheel and the beautiful Rainbow Bridge on the way.
I don't usually go driving much in Japan but it was definitely awesome to go driving between the buildings and landscapes at night in Tokyo.
We headed to Tokyo Tower , which was our final destination. To be honest, I'd never seen Tokyo Tower so close before, which is kinda embarrassing as
Japanese.  It was definitely worth the long drive through the  traffic to see the Tokyo tower.  Once we took the elevator to the main observatory a beautiful view of Tokyo awaited us. 
The city is beautiful at night and lights filled the landscape giving me a side of Tokyo I never seen before. Just when you think you know all about Tokyo she seems to surprise you all over again.

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