Thursday, March 13, 2014

Plaid, again ?!

Yep, again I'm wearing a plaid skirt.  I'm a kind of person who always gets bored with stuff easily but when it comes to plaids, it's different.
This day I wore it with a man-size sweater(It's hard to see but I cropped the front side of it) with a vintage belt I recently got at a thrift shop I always go.
When I wear a skirt like this I like wearing it with a black light-denier tights with white socks showing a little from the shoes. It's crazy how a pair of socks can change how the outfit looks.
We had very warm and nice weather a dew days ago but it's getting colder and the ground is starting to be covered snow again. I really can't wait the warm wind of spring touches my skin again and say bye to winter clothes.

この日は、メンズサイズの黒のニットとこの前古着屋で見つけたヴィンテージちっくなベルトをチョイス。  この竹のスカートを着るときは決まって薄いストッキングに、白ソックスをブーツから少し出るくらいに履くのが好き。靴下を履くか履かないか、どの色のものを履くかでずいぶんとアウトフィット全体の雰囲気が不思議と変わるんだなー。

ボストンは2、3日前、Tシャツで外を歩いてる人を見かけるくらい一時は温かくなったのに、今日はまた雪で、既に地面が真っ白。  早く春になってもっと軽い格好がしないな。