Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rock band T-shirt × Fur coat

The first look of 2015!
I'm a huge lover of thrift shopping and I've been looking for some second hand shops for a long time in Salamanca Spain where I'm currently living for my undergraduate exchange. I was close to giving up on finding one but I finally discovered a couple thanks to my friend Montse, who also studies here in Salamanca.  I scored 2 faux coats from the shop both for less than €50 and I'm super happy about it. Although the coat is pretty thick, I still layered it with a biker's jacket to protect myself from Salamanca's windy winter.I luckily found the Iron Maiden shirt at a souvenir shop nearby and I really love mixing this hard-rock t shirt with a feminine coat like this.  I would also love wearing this outfit with an oversize denim jacket instead of the coat. Stay tuned for more grungy winter outfit ideas :)

サラマンカに来てから4ヶ月がたって、諦めモードだったけどやっと念願の古着屋さんを見つけました。このフェークファーのコートは家から徒歩20分くらいの古着屋さんで購入したものでだいたい25ユーロくらいだったかな。私肩幅がスーパー広いんだけどこのコートはけっこうゆったりめだから下にライダース着てもok ^^ このIron MaidenのTシャツは近所にあるお土産屋さんで12ユーロくらいで購入。 結構ロックでハードなデザインだけどフェミニンなファーコートと着るのがマイブーム。 ファーコートの代わりにオーバーサイズのデニムジャケットを合わせるのも激かわ♡ 天気がよければまた明日outfit撮って載せまーす^^ 

Faux coat: second hand
Biker's jacket: Forever21
Bag:vintage Chanel

Photos by Alexa

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